Release of Pro-EMFATIC V4.5

We are excited to announce that Pro-EMFATIC V4.5 has been released. This release brings a number of exciting enhancements, some of which are listed below.

New Functions

  • Two Multi-Axial ASME BPVC stress life Criteria are supported: Von Mises stress, and Max shear stress. And, the linearized stress can be calculated when the option of evaluation entity is set as nodes.
  • The notch factor can be used in BWI Weld life criterion.
  • The stress/strain ratio of Duty Cycle loading type can be set as 0 or -1 according to requirement.
  • User can choose to display or not display the critical loading direction. The critical loading direction can be displayed at critical locations or on user selected entities, and the damage result can be shown in S-N curve with critical location.
  • The setting parameters in Preferences/General page can be remembered automatically in the model.
  • The evaluation plane on elemental coordinate system can be selected from XY plane, YZ plane and ZX plane for “time history” loading type with input method of “define evaluation plane and searching for loading direction”.
  • Node stress can be loaded from Nastran stress or can be calculated by Nastran tensor when the option of evaluation entities is set as nodes.
  • User can copy the information in the output windows.
  • Linear combination of multiple damage results is supported.

Upgraded Functions

  • Pro-EMFATIC v4.5 supports Femap v11.2, Femap v11.3 and Femap v11.4.
  • 8 significant digits input is supported for User Input Value.
  • Report generator is upgraded. When Generate Report button is on, fatigue evaluation report will automatically be generated after calculation, and the dynamic report with .jt files and the static report with .png pictures can be selected by user.

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