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Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP Releases New Version 1.0

We are proud to announce that Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP V1.0 has been released.

Working with FEMAP as an integrated module, Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP is a durability software product that evaluates fatigue life, fatigue damage, and safety factor of mechanical structures using “crack-initiation” fatigue calculations. Seamless integration offers FEMAP users ease of use especially in selecting FEMAP results sets and FEMAP stress/strain for calculations.

Pro-EMFATIC Releases New Version 2.5

We are proud to announce that Pro-EMFATIC V2.5 offers many more calculation options. For life criterion, we have added user-defined strain life and user-defined stress life calculations. V2.5 also supports biaxial single-value calculations, stress/strain tensors, specific-angle time history input, searching angle time history input, and biaxial time history calculations.


pro-EMFATIC Releases New Version 2.0

With pro-EMFATIC 2.0, users can define their own S-N Curve, and there are more calculation methods, including Strain-Life (Brown-Miller) and Safety Factor (Dang Van). In Rainflow Counting, options like peak-valley and number of ranges have been added. We have also added 37 kinds of materials in our fatigue material library.

Pro-EMFATIC’s New Website

Welcome to Pro-EMFATIC’s new website, where you can find comprehensive information about our cutting-edge product.

Our website also provides a communication channel where users and prospective customers can post questions and comments and receive timely responses.


Pro-EMFATIC Releases New Version1.1

Pro-EMFATIC is a material fatigue and structural life calculator that runs on Windows operating systems. Using strain and stress data obtained from testing and calculations, Pro-EMFATIC instantly calculates material life, fatigue damage, and safety factors, and provides a structural durability estimation. Buy now for a guaranteed discount.