Pro-EMFATIC - Engineering Material Fatigue Calculator

Value of Fatigue Analysis and Pro-EMFATIC

Fatigue damage is one of the most common essay writing service causes of structural failure. Each year, damages from material fatigue and fractures cost the global economy billions of dollars. Fatigue analysis during the design phase is imperative to maximizing product durability, and avoiding the often costly and sometimes disastrous consequences due to fatigue failure. Pro-EMFATIC is a powerful fatigue analysis tool that provides a comprehensive yet time and cost efficient way to predict material fatigue and structural life, thereby advancing product research, design, and development while reducing production costs in the long run.

What is Pro-EMFATIC?

Pro-EMFATIC is a state-of-the-art durability analysis and fatigue calculation software. Using strain and stress data obtained through testing or FE calculations, Pro-EMFATIC provides complete material fatigue evaluation and structural life prediction. It evaluates fatigue damage, life and safety factors, offering a wide range of fatigue calculation methods for different industries.

Three Pro-EMFATIC products are currently available:

  • Pro-EMFATIC for measurement is a comprehensive durability software package supporting test data.
  • Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP is an integrated module for FEMAP, a Windows-based finite element analysis software package.
  • Pro-EMFATIC SDK is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be used by other commercial FEA and/or in-house software for durability assessments.

Company News

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Release of Pro-EMFATIC V4.5

We are excited to announce that Pro-EMFATIC V4.5 has been released. This release brings a number of exciting enhancements, some of which are listed below. New Functions Two Multi-Axial ASME BPVC stress life Criteria are supported: Von Mises stress, and Max shear stress. And, the linearized stress can be calculated when the option of evaluation

Release of Pro-EMFATIC V4.0

WE are excited to announce that Pro-EMFATIC V4.0 has been released in July, 2014. There are many updates in Pro-EMFATIC V4.0, including new functionalities and calculation methods. Functionalities Updates: Material Libraries Lock/Unlock Evaluation Setting Export/Import Report Generator Fatigue Estimate Chart Evaluation Setting Preview Nodal Evaluation Evaluation Setting with Result Set Life Criteria Updates: Modified Miner

The release of Pro-EMFATIC V3.2

We are proud to announce that Pro-EMFATIC V3.2 has been released. This release brings a number of exciting enhancements, some of which are listed below. New Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) Module Pro-EMFATIC V3.2 supports parallel processing for multi-core processors, which greatly improves the calculation speed of large models. New evaluation method in handling negative mean stress

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