Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP is designed to integrate seamlessly with FEMAP. It launches with a click on the icon within FEMAP.

Product Highlights

  • Automatically determines the most damaging fatigue loading direction.
  • Uses either FEA results or measured stress/strain histories.
  • Uses element faces as strain gages or rosettes to record FE stress/strain histories.
  • Offers a wide variety of life criteria.
  • Uses advanced biaxial Rainflow counting method.
  • Transforms FEA stress/strain tensors to effective scalars.

More about Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP Features

Material Data System and Fatigue Properties
The Material Data System allows uses to create and manage fatigue material libraries consisting of fatigue properties for various life criteria, and it also supports user-defined S-N curves, user-defined safety diagrams, and different types of welds.

Various Loading Modes
Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP provides a variety of FE loading modes including Duty Cycle, Loading History and Superposition. Users can use and combine FEA linear, nonlinear and dynamic results of stress/strain for fatigue evaluations. Users can also import measured stress/strain histories via *.csv files.

High-speed Cycle Counting
An advanced Rainflow processor is used to improve both accuracy and efficiency of cycle counting. The speedup is most noticeable when counting very long loading histories for stress/strain cycles. It also filters out the “noise” in the stress/strain histories.

Flexible max–amage-direction Search
For non-proportional multi-axial loading, the principal stress axes change with time, making it difficult for users to determine which loading directions to use to capture the stress/strain variations for accurate fatigue evaluations. Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP performs automatic tensor transformation and searches for the direction of maximum damage.

Advanced “free face” technology
The three-dimensional stress/strain tensor results of FEA usually cannot be used directly to calculate fatigue using uniaxial S-N curve. Lookup appropriate next. Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP uses free element faces as strain gages or rosettes to record FE stress/strain histories, greatly improving accuracy and calculation speed.

SMP technology
Pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP supports SMP functions. With appropriate hardware support, it greatly improves the calculation speed for large models or long loading histories.